VIP toilet developed for the luxury segment.

The T-CUBE has a modern design and has been developed especially for the luxury segment.

Three different versions of the T-CUBE are possible:

  • T-CUBE Toilet: 2 toilets per unit
  • T-CUBE Urinal: 3 urinal positions per unit
  • T-CUBE Sink: 3 sinks per unit

These units are supplied with high-quality porcelain bowls and feature a regular water flush. The water-saving flush buttons and infrared taps make the T-CUBE series sustainable. Each T-CUBE comes complete with LED lighting and a remote control to adjust the colour of the T-CUBE series to suit the occasion at hand. The contemporary design can be adjusted to reflect your requirements too.

T-CUBE units are not foldable.

Product Photos

Product sheet

Detailed information about the T-Cube series is available for you to download.

Download product sheet T-CUBE