MSS International specialises in the design, development, engineering and production of sanitation products and concepts for toilets, urinals, washbasins and showers, as well as modular and in-unit/container set-ups. We have a well-equipped Research and Development Department, which develops new products based partly on client input. As part of company policy, we strive to achieve long-term relationships with clients and suppliers alike.

MSS International is an outstanding partner for anyone seeking a sanitary solution of whatever size. We provide proven product like the POP UP3, UReo, ReFresh and showers but also develop solutions for festivals, events and humanitarian-aid purposes, etc. If you need temporary sanitary solutions for refugees in camps, concert or festival goers or visitors or for staff to use during a major rebuild, you can rely on us to supply you with an existing solution or design and create a new one!

MSS International has the knowledge and expertise necessary to fulfil the specific requirements projects like this involve. We continually explore relevant innovations and techniques to improve the solutions we supply to clients. Bolstered by our long-term experience of the development and building of product ranges, we are sure that we can meet or even exceed your project requirements.