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februari, 12th 2021

Custom-made douche unit

We are proud to present the following collaboration between MSS-International and Van Overbeek Sanitair. For one of our clients, we have designed a shower unit…
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september, 23rd 2020

New partner: WC Loc Saniberica – Spain

We are proud to announce that we have a new partner in Spain since early September 2020: WC Loc Saniberica. CEO is Mr. Toni Salinas.…
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juli, 1st 2020

COVID-19 proof ReFresh handwash unit

AM Media GmbH, our Swiss friend, came up with the clever idea to combine a ReFresh handwash basin with UReo urinal side panels + privacy screen. This thinking out…
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mei, 9th 2020

New product: Cover Panels – Social distancing

From this week, we deliver special setups for temporary sanitation (toilets, showers and handwash stations). As shown, showering with social distancing is possible. Optional with…
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april, 29th 2020

New product: WashStation

The WashStation is a new product from MSS International. An anodized aluminium handwash station, packed in a special rack for safe transport and storage. Supplied…
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april, 24th 2020

Available: WETCELL + CN10/20 foldable container

Available at MSS International: The WETCELL: bathroom (toilet, sink and shower) for multiple purposes. For campsites, refugee camps, hotel room, emergency purposes and many more.…
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april, 7th 2020

MSS International & partners deploy emergency sanitation in hospitals

MSS International, together with family and friends are deploying sanitation all over the world. At this moment sanitation equipment is or has been installed by…
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maart, 31st 2020

New website

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new website Here you can find everything about our products, news, family and friends.
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maart, 6th 2020

A Greener Festival – GEI12 – London

Earlier this week, Jane Healey, Sanitation Manager at Glastonbury and Toilet and Waste Manager at Boomtown Fair and Jack Beerens from MSS International took part in…
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maart, 5th 2020

New partner in Portugal: WC Loc Portugal

We are proud to announce that we have had a new Portuguese partner since early March 2020: WC Loc Portugal. CEO is Mr. Antonio Neves.…
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maart, 2nd 2020

A Greener Festival – GEI12 – London

On 3 March 2020, MSS international will be in London for the Green Events & Innovations Conference (GEI-12), organised by A Greener Festival. Besides showcasing products,…
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februari, 19th 2020

Continest at Muni World Expo

Our partner Continest is exhibiting at the Muni World Expo in Tel Aviv. Muni World is an annual think tank and focuses on brainstorming about…
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februari, 14th 2020

New partner in Japan: Hiroscantek Inc

We are proud to announce that we have since February 14th 2020, a partner in Japan. The company is called Hiroscantek Inc. CEO is Mr.…
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februari, 5th 2020


We are very proud of our US partner Comfort Zone Portable Restrooms, which installed the T-CUBE Serie VIP toilet system at the 54th Super Bowl…
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februari, 3rd 2020

MSS International and Continest @ Combat Logistics – Krakow 2019

Last January  Continest and MSS-International were at the Combat Logistics in Krakow Poland. This conference is there for everyone involved in military logistics. There are…
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november, 15th 2019

Farm Business Innovation Award 2019

Continest and MSS-International teamed up in order to design the WETCELL for the foldable containers made by Continest. The launch of the WETCELL was during…
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november, 9th 2019

The Combat Engineer Conference – Krakow 2019

Last November, Continest and MSS-International were at the Combat Engineer Conference in Krakow Poland. This conference is aimed at everyone involved in military engineering and…
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oktober, 20th 2019

Innovation Award for the WETCELL at the 2019 Showman’s Show

Continest and MSS-International teamed up to design the WETCELL for Continest foldable containers. The WETCELL was launched at the 2019 Showman’s Show, where it won…
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september, 9th 2019

Electric Picnic – Ireland was a success

In August 2019, we joined forces with our friends from A-Space Cabin Ltd. to organise a test show with POP UP3 units at Electric Picnic…
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augustus, 18th 2019

Partnership between MSS International and Continest

At Lowlands on Sunday, Continest and MSS international signed a contract to design, produce and supply the WETCELL. The contract was signed in our partner’s…
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juni, 18th 2019

MSS International @ Britisch Summer Time – Hyde Park – London

Our partner Van Overbeek Sanitair has won an order to supply the POP UP3 vacuum toilet system for use at the 2019 British Summer Time event…
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juni, 6th 2019

MSS International trains technical staff AXE Environnement

On Tuesday 4 June 2019, we trained 10 dedicated team members from AXE ENVIRONNEMENT in France to use their new Tech Unit. It is replacing…
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april, 15th 2019

MSS International trains technical staff WC Loc and PSV

On April 10 and 11, 2019, we had the pleasure to train a new group of technical staff members from WC Loc and PSV in…
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maart, 28th 2019

MSS International trains technical staff of Hyrtoaletten – Sweden

On March 26 and 27, 2019, we had the pleasure of training the technical staff of Hyrtoaletten from Sweden, our newest partner. Of course, they…
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