Modular shower system for a wide range of purposes

The ReBoost is a unique modular single shower system that has been developed for campsites at festivals and events but also for refugee camps, humanitarian and military purposes and even for use in existing buildings. The unique properties of the water-saving shower system makes the Reboost a very popular sanitary solution.

Environmentally friendly

ReBoost showers feature water-saving shower heads for low water consumption. The heaters guarantee visitors hot water 24 hours a day. The floors of ReBoost showers have a built-in drainage system that prevents water accumulation. Each cubicle measures 100 x 120 cm, making them a comfortable space to shower in. Together with the advantages of transporting the Reboost, this water-saving shower system is very environmentally friendly.

One truck can transport 48 ReBoost showers and 2 heaters (so, 2 complete sets). This cuts down the number of trucks needed to deliver equipment and reduces fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.

Our sustainable ReBoost showers are quick and easy to set up, connect and clean. They are extremely light and have a robust design. These properties make it possible to create many shower options in a short time. This makes the Reboost showers a very popular sanitary solution for events and festivals in the whole world. In addition, it’s possible to ‘brand’ the ReBoost in the style of the event or festival. If you have any questions about these options, please contact one of our employees via +31 499 577 442 or via

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Product sheet

Detailed information about the Reboost Shower is available for you to download.

Download product sheet ReBoost water-saving shower system