Create your own exclusive look with this modular system.

FLEXX Room is a flexible modular system that has been developed with space and privacy in mind. It is the ideal solution for sports events, trade shows, festivals (VIP), corporate events and high-end deployments.

The FLEXX Room can be set up in any configuration and several equipment options are possible. This dynamic combination of materials and techniques guarantees a unique appearance for every occasion.

The FLEXX Room vacuum technology reduces water consumption per flush. The LED ceilings in the FLEXX Room are a nice detail that adds to its comfortable and luxury feel. The FLEXX Room is a foldable system and is easy to set up, connect and take down. Its foldability saves on transportation costs too.

We are always pleased to customise the FLEXX Room design to suit your specific needs.

Product Photos

Product sheet

Detailed information about the FLEXX Room is available for you to download.

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