Can be used in any circumstance where (drinking) water is needed.

This WashStation is specially made for events and other purposes such as campsites, refugee camps, emergency purposes and many more. This 8-bay Handwash Station is equipped with tempo stop taps that run for 10 seconds. The WashStation can be used in any circumstance where (drinking) water is needed. For production and economical point of view, the WashStations are only available in sets of 12.

The WashStations are foldable and delivered in a special rack for safe transport and storage (215 x 272 x 110 cm). The units are made of anodized aluminium. Ideal to combine with the Reboost showers.


One of the advantages of the WashStation is the environmentally friendly water stop taps. These produce a water flow for only 10 seconds, organizers of festivals and events save a lot of money in this way. Another advantage of this water system is the way it’s build up. The WashStation is quick and easy to set up and to connect in unlimited rows. On the top shelf of every WashStation there is space for personal items like a toiletry bag. If the water system is certified for drinking water, it’s possible to use this system as water tapping points. In this way the stations can be used for sporting events.

Lately, the WashStation has been used as an aid in the fight against Covid-19. Because the system can be used outside, it was possible for people to wash their hands there. Large companies have successfully used the watersystem in this way, but it has also been used by municipalities for parks and other public places.

This WashStation has the following dimensions:

  • Length: 250cm
  • Width: 65cm
  • Height: 125cm

If you prefer to rent the WashStation, this is possible with our rental company Van Overbeek Sanitair.

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